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    Implement Safety Responsibilities, Promote Safety Development

    --Record the first aid training and fire drill of safety production month in 2021


          On the afternoon of June 25, 2021, the first aid and fire fighting drill has been organized by our company. The key essence and aim of this activity is to enhance the corporate emergency rescue, fire safety management and disposal capabilities, further strengthen the safety awareness of all employees, improve the precautious ability of self-rescue, ensuring that all staff know how to do self-rescue and extinguish the initial fire when it comes with the case of personnel syncope, fire and other emergencies in an orderly prompt manner to minimize the loss.


          Proper order and swift action are the first priority during the first aid and fire case. Proper order is referring to well organized order, while swift action is the prompt speed . When an accident occurs, time is life, and evacuation speed is based on the well organized order. According to this principle, the Safety and Environmental Protection Dept. well organized and provided strong support in this drill; In the meanwhile, the participants actively cooperated, obeyed orders and completed various drills in a very short time.


          After the drill, the Safety and Environmental Protection Dept. thoroughly analyzed the situation of the drill and the detailed problems that occurred. The whole exercise process was achieved orderly as well as realizing the desired goal with complete success. What’s more, participants have further improved their self-rescue ability in the face of emergencies through this drill.