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  • Join efforts for a common goal

    Fight against Covid-19 and safeguard our safe and healthy home

    In the face of the threat of Covid-19, we have been making every best effort to support the national epidemic prevention and control work. On January 28, as part of our contribution to the epidemic prevention and control work, the Company donated air purifiers of the new health concept of a worth of 360,000 yuan to the Red Cross of Beilun District, intending to provide a cleaner environment for the front-line medical workers.

    Our purifiers uses Japanese imported bactericidal enzyme filter to capture and kill microorganisms through big air volume, achieving a high bacterial eradication rate of 99.9%, providing better protection for pregnant women, children and the elderly. It is our hope that, with built-in 180 carbon disks to enhance the sterilization, the purifiers will help to set up a line of defense against the epidemic. The 11 circular airflows, with a patented design, break the traditional limitations of similar products, achieving 360°airflow coverage and contributing to the indoor air circulation.

    In this critical period, Deye hopes to join efforts with the whole nation to defeat the epidemic and win the battle.